City Council Session on Climate Action Plan, Wed. March 5th

Post date: Feb 25, 2014 4:58:6 AM

Please attend the Council study session Wednesday, March 5th, 6:30pm about the Climate Action Plan completed a couple of years ago for Pacifica.

We have the important opportunity to participate right here in Pacifica to see that change is enacted locally. The hope is to get many people at the Study Session to express their support and to move forward with the plan, as written.

There seems to be general support for the plan with the City Council, but not all parts of the plan. The Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance which requires energy upgrades prior to home sale could be considered controversial. Opposition is in part due to the recent requirement to require upgrade to sewer laterals prior to sale. One real estate agent has noted that, from a real estate perspective, RECO is actually a good thing, as property values increase with these changes and it's a great selling feature for many new homeowners.

A link to the draft Climate Action Plan can be found HERE.

Please share invitation to anyone you believe might be interested in helping Pacifica to make a tiny positive step to slow global warming.