Surfing for Life - Benefit screening

Post date: Feb 18, 2013 8:23:22 PM

The film’s portrayal of senior surfers calls into question our culture’s obsession with “staying young” and suggests a much more attainable, life affirming goal . . . namely, staying as WELL as we can be – physically, emotionally and spiritually. A new societal ethic is emerging that values the human potential of each stage of life as it comes along - without dismissing any other. Surfing for Life was made with that ethic in mind.

Come see the film, meet Roy Earnest (co-producer) and learn why this film has inspired many people, surfers and non-surfers alike.

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As surfing’s “Kupunas” (Hawaiian for “revered grandparents”), they deserve to be recognized and honored but they also deserve the spotlight for another reason. They are pioneers of the “age-wave”, a demographic groundswell of people who are living long, healthy and vital lives - sweeping all of us along with it. Never before in history have so many reached their 70's and 80's and beyond. A surfer who is 45 years old today has a good chance of surfing for 25 or more years.

Surfing for Life is an award winning documentary that PEF's very own, Roy Earnest, co-produced with San Francisco filmmaker David L. Brown and completed in 2000. The film features surfers between the ages of 60 and 90, including Doc Ball, 88; Woody Brown, 84; John Kelly, 77; Leroy Grannis, 76; Rabbit Kekai, 76; Eve Fletcher, 67; and Fred Van Dyke, 66. They are among an elite group of surfing pioneers who helped to create the modern day version of the sport/art/lifestyle of surfing.

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Tickets: $15 in advance, $20 at door. Seniors 65 plus and non-seniors 16 and under, $10.

Mildred Owen Concert Hall,

1220 Linda Mar Blvd., Pacifica

Friday, February 22Showings at 6:00pm and 8:30pm