17th Annual Kahuna Kupuna Surf Contest
July 16, 2017 

Enjoy a day at the beach with others in our surfing community, celebrate the intergenerational nature of our sport, and raise some much needed funds for Pacifica’s Environmental Family! 

The Kahuna Kupuna is an annual shortboard and longboard surf contest that honors the more experienced (in age) surfers among us! The main focus of the contest is the Kahuna Kupuna division for men and women 40 years of age and over, with separate sub-divisions for shortboard and longboard surfers. In addition, an Intergenerational Team Division welcomes surfers of all ages.

Kahuna, in Hawaiian, means Big Chief, and Kupuna means grandparent or older member of the community who everyone turns to for advice and counsel.



Separate divisions for men and women.

Age Ranges        Division Names 

40 – 49                 Junior Kupuna  
50 – 54                 Master Kupuna 

55 – 59                 Grand Master Kupuna  

60 –
64                 Super Master Kupuna  
65 – 69                 Legend Kupuna  
70 – 74                 Grand Legend Kupuna  

75 – 79                 Super Legend Kupuna 
80 and over          Truly Legendary Kupuna 
All ages                 Intergenerational Team*
All ages                 Stand up paddle (SUP) 

Pending demand, we will have separate shortboard and longboard divisions for each group. We may combine some age divisions into one heat if we don't have enough surfers who have signed up for a division but their scores will be counted for their age division even though they surfed with surfers in different divisions.


*Intergenerational Teams are 6 surfers representing 3 generations (one generation = 18 years), include at least 1 surfer under age 20, any length board can be used and can include both males and females. Teams will surf together in their own heat. Best team score wins.


1. CHECK-IN – All contestants must check-in a half-hour before their heat to sign waiver(s) and pay their entry fee if they haven’t already.

2. HEATS are 15 minutes. Final heats are 15 minutes, unless otherwise announced at the contest.

3. Each heat will begin and end with one horn blast. A five-minute warning will be given with TWO horn blasts. At the conclusion of the heat, competitors must immediately return to the beach as the next heat begins. If a competitor stands up before the beginning of their heat, he/she will receive a “0” score for his/her highest scoring wave in that heat. Exiting competitors must not stand up after the conclusion of their heat. Violation of this will result in a deduction of the lowest scoring wave of the competitor's heat total.

4. In all water starts, competitors may enter the water at the five-minute warning (two horn blasts). Competitors waiting for their heat to start must stay clear of the heat in progress and must paddle to either side of the main contest area. Failure to do so will result in a paddling interference, with a loss of the lowest scoring wave in that competitor's wave total.

EQUIPMENT – Longboards are at least 9’0 or 3 ft over a contestant’s head. Shortboards are 18” or less over contestant’s head but cannot be over 7’4”. No paddling gloves are permitted. Contestants assume responsibility if not using a leash.

6. WAVE COUNT – Maximum wave count for each surfer in a heat is 4. The best 3 of your four waves will be used to tally your total score. If you catch more than four waves in your heat, your highest scoring wave will be deducted each time you take a wave over the maximum of 4 waves.


a) The first rider up, closest to the curl, has wave possession. In the event that two riders stand up at the same time, the rider closest to the curl has possession.

b) In the event that two riders stand up on an unbroken wave, the first competitor up has possession. (A standard reef and beach break rule). The other rider may take off in the opposite direction if, by doing so, they won't interfere with the other rider. To have possession of a wave, the rider must be on his/her feet in front of or in the curl after the first turn. Any action which impedes a contestant riding or taking off on a wave by dropping in, taking off, or paddling in front of the rider in possession will result in a SURFING INTERFERENCE and the infringer will lose his/her highest scoring wave in that heat. In cases where a rider is in front of another unknowingly or so appears to judges and if the rider exits with no impedance, no interference shall be called. (No harm, no foul).

JUDGING will be on a 10-point system with half points. Competitors will be judged on style, wave selection, length of ride and controlled functional maneuvers. Shuffling, hopping back and forth and flapping on the surfboard – unless it is deemed integral in staying in a wave that is backing off before reforming on the inside - will be considered poor style and will not be scored as high as walking or stylish radical maneuvers.

9. PROTESTS must be filed in writing and placed in a protest box or tin within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the heat in question. You must speak with Izzy Sczcepaniak.

10. SPORTSMANSHIP – All contestants must demonstrate good sportsmanship. Any contestant who argues with a judge’s decision, uses profanity, fights, is overly aggressive to the point where judges think that it is not in the best interest of the contest, that individual will be disqualified. If you show up with the aloha spirit, it will make the whole contest mo’ bettah.

11. The JACK HANSEN RULE: Use of words such as "geezers", "curmudgeons", "Old Farts" and other ageist, pejorative terms are strictly prohibited before, during and after the contest. 


Entry Deadline: TBD

Entry Fee: $70 for surfers age 40 plus
Entry includes both the Kupuna and Intergenerational divisions, the post-contest reception, dinner and awards ceremony, and a t-shirt. You can purchase extra dinners for non-contestants for $25 (either ahead of time through PayPal or check, or on the day of the event), and you can purchase extra t-shirts below. 

Please pay through the secure PayPal link to the right or send a check  to the address below payable to Pacifica's Environmental Family (“PEF” is good enough) with a memo that reads: “KKC for PEF”: 

    Pacifica’s Environmental Family
    c/o Roy Earnest
    690 Alta Vista Drive, Pacifica CA 94044   

NOTE: PEF is a non-profit organization. 

Registration Form: 
Please fill out the registration form below, or download the Registration Form and send  to the PEF address above.

Kahuna Kupuna Registration

Buy a Kahuna Kupuna T-shirt!

All contestants will receive one free T-shirt with your registration (design coming soon!). If you would like to purchase extra t-shirts, or if you are not a contestant but you would still like to buy one of these beautiful T-shirts (and help a great local organization!), please click on the secure PayPal link below or send a check  payable to Pacifica's Environmental Family (“PEF” is good enough) with a memo that reads “KKC T-shirt” to the address below:

    Pacifica’s Environmental Family
    c/o Roy Earnest
    690 Alta Vista Drive, Pacifica CA 94044   

You will also be able to purchase a T-shirt at Sonlight Surfshop or Sirens Ocean Inspired Gifts in Pacifica or at Maverick’s Surf Shop in Half Moon Bay/Princeton Harbor. 

IMPORTANT: After purchasing your T-shirt through PayPal, contact Roy Earnest at agewaver@earthlink.net or 650-438-6378 to coordinate pickup/delivery. If you would like us to send your T-shirt by mail, be sure to select the "T-shirt (with shipping in the U.S.)" option under PayPal, which is an additional $5 (and make sure your shipping information is correct in PayPal). If we do not hear from you, we will hold your T-shirt at the Kahuna Kupuna booth on the day of the event.