View the October 6, 2016 City Council Candidate Environmental Issues Forum

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Roy Earnest and Kahuna Kupuna featured in Half Moon Bay Review, August 2016

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Pacifica City Council Candidates Environmental Issues Forum

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Thursday, October 6 from 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Where: City Council Chambers, 2212 Beach Blvd., 2nd Floor, Pacifica

Presented by: Pacifica's Environmental Family in collaboration with our projects, and the Pacifica Climate Committee

The forum will provide each candidate an opportunity to present their views on local environmental issues, contributing to greater awareness on environmental challenges and opportunities facing Pacifica.

Pacifica's Environmental Family will not be advocating for any particular policy or position during the forum and does not advocate for any particular candidate. The intention of this forum is to give the public a chance to hear what each candidate has to say about various environmental issues that Pacifica faces in a respectful and thoughtful way.

For additional information, contact:

Congratulations Margaret Goodale for receiving the Open Space and Parkland Preservation Award!

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Congratulations to PEF Board Member, Margaret Goodale, for receiving the City Council's annual Open Space and Parkland Preservation Award!

This award recognizes Margaret's many years of participation in advocacy, education, and restoration of Pacifica's natural environment, parklands, and shoreline.

In 1984, Goodale was appointed to serve on the Open Space Task Force and Committee. Later she served on the Pacifica Land Trust Board and assisted the Land Trust during the period of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area acquisition of Mori Point. She currently serves as the vice president of Pacifica’s Environmental Family that oversees and coordinates many of Pacifica’s environmental, ecological and social programs.

Goodale worked for many years as a naturalist educator, and continues to promote and provide her expertise in naturalist education for Pacifica’s youth and adults.

Margaret received the award at the OSPAC Preservation Award ceremony on Monday, July 11th.

Congratulations, Margaret!

Half Moon Bay Review article about Kahuna Kupuna

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Aloha spirit prevails in surf contest

Event benefits Pacifica environmental GROUP
By John Murphy, Half Moon Bay Review

Mike Wallace stands with his board on Saturday during the surf contest in Pacifica. Participants say they appreciate the wide age range and terrific spirit of the event. Cat Cutillo / Review

Rock ‘n’ roll reverberated as dogs roamed the beach and little girls cartwheeled on the sand under cloudy skies during the 15th annual Kahuna Kupuna Classic surf contest Saturday at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica.

The event is a fundraiser for Pacifica’s Environmental Family.

“It was my first contest and I liked it,” said Pacifica’s Zach Howatt, a student at Terra Nova High School. “I was nervous, but when I got out there I was relaxed.”
Howatt was part of a six-person intergenerational team that also included brother Jackson Howatt, Colin Dwyer, Steve Dwyer, Taylor Payne and Norm Payne.

The Howatt-Dwyer-Payne team was edged out for first place in the intergenerational category by the Half Moon Bay team of Clay Johnson, Kaira Wallace, Nick Holoulos, Tom Feix, Peter Andreini and Mike Wallace.

“This is something I look forward to every year,” Mike Wallace said. “It spreads the concept of ‘ohana,’ which means family in Hawaiian, and also the aloha spirit.”

In a fascinating moment, Andreini and Feix wound up riding the same wave and attempted to change boards, which would have been a neat trick.

Jeff Bjork, a former Half Moon Bay resident who now lives in Marin, was also among the hardy souls who braved the cold saltwater.

“I love to compete,” said Bjork, 45. “These are good people and it’s a good time for a good cause. It’s a blast. I come back every year.”

Spectators oohed and ahhed at impressive rides and wipeouts alike as surfboards were raffled off and mugs and T-shirts were sold. One of the contestants was Christian Wadman, of Marin County, who competed in the 40-49 age group.

“The proceeds go to help our ecosystem,” Wadman said. “We need that to keep on surviving and to keep healthy. It’s a good community day to be together and enjoy being together. It’s fun to be here and to compete against guys my own age.”

Roy Earnest, who presided over the competition, was pleased.
“We had about 90 people in the contest, and that’s very good,” he said. “Normally we have about 80 to 83. Things have gone smoothly. It’s been a good time and we’ve had good waves, although it’s a little windy.”

Many of the competitors were middle-aged men like Hugh Gurin, of San Francisco, and probably relieved not to have to compete against 20-somethings with more agile bodies.

“This is the only place I can be called a kid,” Gurin quipped. “I’ve come to this almost every year. It’s good people and not much pressure and everyone kicks in. I spent two hours judging. This is the only place I see some of my friends all year.”

One of the female competitors was Krista Howell, of San Francisco, who co-produced the 2006 documentary “Great Highway” about the history of surfing in the Bay Area, including the famous Coastside surf spot, Mavericks.

“This is great,” said Howell as she prepared to load some longboards onto her car. “It has the aloha spirit, and it’s good for older competitors. It’s a lot of fun.”


Kahuna Kupuna Results are in!

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Here are the complete final results for the 17th Annual Kahuna Kupuna Benefit Surf Contest that took place on Saturday, July 16, 2016 at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, along with a nice photo of the fogbow that hung around for the first couple of hours of the contest on Saturday morning.

Crowdrise fundraiser for the Kahuna Kupuna

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As a way to increase the amount of funds we can raise for Pacifica's Environmental Family this year through the Kahuna Kupuna, a fundraising page was set up for the Kahuna Kupuna at

 If the spirit moves you, please donate whatever you can.  Donors who donate $30 or more will receive this year's Kahuna Kupuna T-Shirt as a thank you.  All donations are tax deductible as allowable by law.

Kahuna Kupuna 2016 plans are underway!

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Kahuna Kupuna Surf Contest

Please mark your calendars! The 17th Annual Kahuna Kupuna Benefit Surf Contest will take place at Linda Mar Beach, Pacifica, CA on Saturday, July 16, 2016 from 7 AM to 5 PM followed by a dinner and awards ceremony at the Moose Lodge. 

For more information, visit our web page or send an email to KahunaKupuna AT comcast dot net, or call 650-438-6378. We are already accepting registrations! Stay stoked as well as tuned for more information by "liking" our Facebook Page at:

Sea Level Rise Forum Video and Recap

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On March 24, 2016 Pacifica's Environmental Family and The Pacifica Climate Committee co-hosted a forum on Sea Level Rise. Nearly 150 people attended this educational event, in which a panel of experts discussed the science of sea level rise and how it may impact Pacificans. 

If you were unable to attend, you can view the full forum at the YouTube video link to the right or you can view the presentations and maps below. 


Facts of Sea Level Rise, Hillary Papendik, San Mateo County Sea Level Rise Initiative    View    Download

Oceanographic, Atmospheric, and Geologic Drivers of Coastal Change, Carla Grandy, PhD, Coastal Geologist and Professor of Earth Sciences, Skyline College     View    Download

Hazard Maps Comparison, Bob Battalio, Chief Engineer  Regional Sediment Management Study   View   Download

Sea Change and Pacifica, Hillary Papendik, San Mateo County Sea Level Rise Initiative  -  Sea Change Pacifica   View    Download

The Vulnerability of the California Coast to Climate Change, Patrick Barnard, USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program, Santa Cruz    View   Download  (Note: This was not presented at the Forum, but we were given permission to post the presentation here)


Our Coast Our Future shows varying levels of SLR and wave run-up

Tsunami Inundation maps - Pacifica is on two separate sections and can be reached two ways


The Coast Sediment study has maps with varying levels of SLR and some interesting economic benefit graphs in the appendix

Our Coast Our Future shows varying levels of SLR and wave run-up

Tsunami Inundation maps - Pacifica is on two separate sections and can be reached two ways


The Coast Sediment study has maps with varying levels of SLR and some interesting economic benefit graphs in the appendix

Pacifica Sea Level Rise Forum, March 24th

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Join Pacifica’s Environmental Family and the Pacifica Climate Committee to consider some of the immediate local challenges of sea level rise.  

When? Thursday, March 24 @ 6:30 PM 

Where? Pacifica Community Center, 540 Crespi Drive, Pacifica


Speakers from the San Mateo County Office of Sustainability, US Geologic Survey, Coastal Sediment Management Study, North Coast County Water Board, and Pacifica Climate Committee will lead the discussion.

Join the conversation: What are your concerns? options? priorities? 

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